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Father's Rights & Child Support...The Loudly Spoke Truth!

Today's post is about father's rights and the nasty burden of child support.

A common complaint i have found in family law practice is the complaint of fathers who are upset that they owe child support, but are unable to see their kids. I will be the first to say it, I know for a fact that there are really excellent father's out there who are devastated by being separated from their children. It hurts the kids, to hurts the dad, and the parent who is depriving the child of that relationship should be punished.

However, with that being said, I cannot stress the importance of paying child support and making sure that the amount of child support that you pay is an accurate reflection of the income of both parents. Not only does it show that you are a responsible parent, it also shows your regard, and your depth of understanding for how tough it is (and how expensive it can be) to raise a child in today's world. Paying child support is a show of love of the child, and also proof to a child that you do care, and that you are doing your absolute best to support the child and be in the child's life.

Now, I know a lot of child support paying parents doesn't see child support as a burden of love, and that is an understandable idea. On TV we see the portrayal of poor mothers using child support as a way to sponsor their lavish lifestyle, but Its important to recognize that TV and real life are two different things. I'm quite sure that your ex isn't living high off the horse, or buying Louie Vuitton bags. However, if you have doubt about that hiring an attorney could help you out big time! An attorney who handles child support issues can help you modify potential over payments of child support, or help recalculate your support contribution all together.

An attorney could also help you get more time with your child, which could also pay a role in alleviating your child support burden!!!!!

I hope this information helps!

Stay safe out there!

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