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A Cross Law Firm PLLC is a full service law firm and debt relief agency that provides divorce, family law representation, and service in the areas of bankruptcy (chapter 7 &13), estate planning (Wills/Trust/Probate) ,and we also provide credit repair services for those who qualify.


***A Cross Law Firm PLLC is a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code in the Northern District of Illinois. 

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About The Firm & Our Mission:


A Cross Law Firm PLLC was started in April of 2020 by Attorney Adriana C. Cross, as a virtual law firm with the mission of providing affordable legal representation to those seeking assistance with bankruptcy, and complex family law matters.


WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: After working for larger bankruptcy and family law firms, and after years of practice in the areas of family law and consumer bankruptcy to date, our attorney has become well versed in the intricacies of the federal bankruptcy code, and also the impact of financial issues stemming from child support, city tickets, back taxes (state and federal), alimony, Qualified Domestic Orders for support, repossessions, foreclosures, student loans, consumer debt, liens, threats of judgment regarding unsecured and secured debt, business taxes and implications pertaining to social security , and your family and individual needs when making the decision to file for bankruptcy, and also in planning out and protecting the remainder of your financial future! 

Services we provide to help you with your past, to align your present, and to prepare for your future. 

Consumer Bankruptcy:                                  

Chapter 7                                                          

Chapter 13                                                        

Debt Negotiation and Settlement                 

Credit Repair                                                     


Estate Planning:

Will and Trust Creation

Probate Litigation 

Basic Tax Planning & Budgeting

Limited Scope Family Law Issues:

Uncontested Divorce

Legal Separation


Contested Divorce (Full Scope)

Contested Divorce (Limited Scope)

Prenuptial Agreements

Post & Antenuptial Agreements

DCFS Indications (Administrative Appeals) 

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WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?: We have filed hundreds to nearly a thousand bankruptcies to date, and we provide 1 on 1 guidance to you through every step of the Bankruptcy and/or Estate Planning Process. We intimately understand what is on the line when we proceed with your bankruptcy or estate planning matter. We also have a broad and diverse range of experience to handle even the most complex chapter 13 and 7 bankruptcy matters from refiles, amendments, to incorporating your unique business, family, employment, tax situation, or related financial issue into your bankruptcy matter. WE KEEP YOU IN MIND WITH EVERY FILING! Don't Believe us, check out our catch 22's below & give us a call! 



Owner: Adriana Cross Esq.

Hello, my name is Adriana C. Cross Esq., and I am the owner of A Cross Law Firm PLLC. I have literally helped thousands of clients, and self-represented (pro se litigants) achieve success here in Cook County in their family law, divorce, child custody, and support matters. I am also a federally licensed bankruptcy attorney, and have filed over +500 bankruptcies in less than 2 years. After spending time in a variety of law firms, large corporate firms,state run agencies, and non-profit sector roles working behind the scenes for the benefit of children and families, I realized that I am a true champion of the underdog, and a friend to those looking to heal their families and finances.


Let's get Virtual! Chat with Us!

Send us a message in the Chat Box Below for an expedited response! Or book your free consultation or 1 hour paid in-depth consultation today! 


Adriana C Cross Esq.

Phone: 708-402-8523


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