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Client Reviews

Reviewed by Nikki S. December 30, 2020



Great lawyer and so happy I hired her for my divorce!

Hiring Adriana for my somewhat messy, yet still uncontested divorce was the best thing I could have ever done. She made the process so much more bearable and took a lot of the stress out of what was still a stressful process. She always had my best interests in mind and did a good job keeping me informed. It was great knowing she had my back, especially in case my divorce ended up becoming contested. Thank you!! :)

Reviewed byA. R. December 14, 2020


A Quality Choice


Attorney Cross was amazing. My divorce was really hard on my finances, and I was going to try to handle it myself, but my ex's attorney was really tough (one of those big firms), and with my house on the line I was scared I was going to walk away with nothing. Ms. Cross really wants to help people, and that came across clearly in our consultation, and throughout the course of representation. Not only did she listen to all of my concerns, she got me an extremely generous settlement in my divorce,nd her flat rates and payment plan made the whole process extremely affordable. She is a tough lawyer, but I could tell my case had her full attention. She is one of the few lawyers that encourages her clients to openly communicate with her, and she tells you the truth even if it is what you don't want to hear. I would highly recommend her, especially if you have real estate on the table and are going through a bitter divorce.

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2022 Expertise Award - Ranking In Best 30 Divorce Lawyers in Chicago, out of nearly 1,500.

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