Why Choose A Cross Law PLLC?

Simple...because you understand that experience is important, both in practice and in life! 


Of course your lawyer knows how to file your modification for visitation, but have they also experienced the results of seeing a loved one/child lose out on a promising future due to the trauma of having to deal with the absence of a parent's presence in their live due to the hostility of another party?

Sure, your lawyer knows how to file your divorce petition, but do they also understand  or even care that you have to put your career aspirations on hold, turn down jobs, forego buying assets, starting a business, or prolong saving for retirement, and that your life is suspended until your divorce is complete?

Yes, your attorney fully understands how to litigate on a child support modification submission, but do they understand the struggle of having to borrow money, beg family members, and work overtime while you are suffering from health issues, just so you can exist and keep yourself out of jail.

More Importantly, does your attorney on a personal and professional level understand what it is like to walk into the judicial system, knowing that the odds are stacked against them, but also understanding that fighting for fair treatment is just the name of the game? Or does your attorney walk into court with high expectations,  and lazy preparation costing you time, money, peace of mind, and ultimately putting you and your family's welfare in jeopardy?

....Experience matters...in more ways than one, and that is what sets A Cross Law Firm PLLC apart!  We live by the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you would want to be treated when standing in their shoes. 

We respect Vets

We respect people with disabilities

We respect your financial goals

We respect your motherhood

We respect your fatherhood

We respect your peace of mind

We respect what you have on the line with each and every case and filing we accept. 

We strive to help build, or rebuild your family in times of crisis. And just because a marriage doesn't work out, or simply because two parents can no longer work it out, does not mean that mom/dad, or ex-husband and wife cannot  live lives they enjoy, while also providing the littlest members with all the support they needs to be happy, healthy and live lives of indescribable promise.

...And we do everything in our power to honor you, and provide you with the representation and assistance you deserve. Don't believe, then schedule a free 15 minute consultation in the BOOK NOW link in drop down.