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Services & Pricing

1. Admin hearing DCFS:

    - Retainer Special: Starting at $1,700 upfront/ payment plan.

    - Retainer (based on complexity of matter/accusation)



2. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

   - Flat Rate: $1,600


3. Adult Guardianship Case Initiation (Over an Adult):

   - Price to be determined based on case complexity


4. Family Law Case Initiation: (Est. Retainer Prices based on case complexity)

   - Generally: Starting at $2,000 Est. (RETAINER) depending on case complexity/attorney approval req. 

   - Child and GAL Appointed: $2,500 (retainer) subject to conditions.

   - Spousal Support and/or Child Support at Issue Or and/or Order of protection: $3,500

   - QDRO or Complex Issues of Capacity: Please schedule an appointment for prices. 

   - Family Case with Child Support at Issue: $2000-2500 retainer (subject to attorney approval) (Flat rate and payment plan options also available with attorney approval for all case types)


5. Limited Scope Family/Divorce Assistance Starting at $1200.00, depending on complexity of matter.


6. Full Scope Representation (Divorce, Child Custody, Legal Separation, Allocation of Parentage):

   - Flat Rate: $6,000 (Up to 18 hours) - subject to attorney approval.

   - Payment Plan Available: $250 per week

   - Upfront Retainer: $2,250

   - Client responsible for court and service of process fees

8. Motion Services:

   - Evidentiary Hearings (Defense): $2,500 (subject to attorney approval)

   - Pretrial Hearing (Simple, 2 Attorney Appearances): $1,200. Complex: $2500.00 starting

   - Response, Prep, and 3 Attorney Appearances (no discovery : $1,500-$2,500

9. Legal Advice on Retainer:

   - Starting at $1,000 (covers 3 hours of advice, legal research, ongoing assistance on complex matters)


10. Uncontested Motions (Simple):

   - Starting at $1,200


11. Contested Motions/Petition:

   - Starting at $2,000 (RTSC for Issuance) / $2,500 (Defense Against) (subject to attorney review and approval)


12. Discovery Services Retainer:

   - Please schedule an appointment with our attorneys for pricing.


13. Orders of protection defense (only): Starting at $2000 retainer based on complexity. 


"Please note that all prices listed on this page are subject to attorney approval and should be considered as retainers unless explicitly stated as a flat rate. These rates are provided as estimates and do not necessarily reflect the total amount that may be associated with your case. Our team of experienced attorneys will assess the specific details of your case and provide you with a personalized quote based on your individual needs and circumstances. For a comprehensive evaluation of your legal situation and a detailed breakdown of costs, please contact our office to schedule a consultation."

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