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Why being the project manager of your life will allow you to thrive & breathe!

I will be frank, one of the primary keys to success of any kind is organization. A combination of organizing and allocating time to focusing on your relationships, and your finances is one of the first steps towards not having to face an uncertain financial future.

Being unorganized can lead to many financial and legal problems. If you are not organized with your time and money, you could forget to pay bills, or simply not have enough money to pay your bills. You may end up participating in frivolous spending, which could cost you dearly. Also, failure to properly organize and plan out your finances could land you in serious legal trouble such with the IRS and with the child support courts. You could even find yourself facing repossession of your car, foreclosure on your home, and even eviction from your apartment.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a "get out of jail card" on your financial responsibilities. However, it is a savior and provides relief when your bills have spiraled out of control to the point where you are facing losing a home or car that you value. Basically, in chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are trying to make a deal with the court and your creditors to pay back a percentage of your debt, based on what you currently owe, and based on your current value. Both IRS debt & Child support debt can be addressed in your monthly Chapter 13 bankrupt payment...and allow you the confidence of knowing that those two issues will be paid via your once a month bankruptcy payment.

Now, you may be saying, well how does that help? I am still having to pay back child support and the tax man. Well, I believe it is best to think of chapter 13 bankruptcy as an official court ordered way to organize your finances when things have become too out of control. You will also have to note that you will also be paying a certain percentage of your debts via your chapter 13 bankruptcy, which really can help you out when you are mentally and financially struggling to pay back 100% of all your commercial debt, on top of any IRS, Mortgage, Car, or Child Support debt.

Best part is, that after you have completely paid off your bankruptcy plan, you can keep your house, car, and you will no longer be obligated to pay any commercial debt (credit cards, pay day loan ect.). You are essentially killing two birds with one stone by reducing how much total debt you have to pay, all while fulfilling your mandatory financial obligation to the IRS and to your children.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be complex, and i would always suggest that a person seek out an attorney when deciding to go down this route. Trying to represent yourself solo in a chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding is tough, and leads many to fall behind and fail on their plans which can cost them thousands of dollars needlessly.

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