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TECHNOLOGY & YOU - Why being tech savvy will pull you out of poverty.

Today's post is about how technology can be the great equalizer and mean the difference to you and your financial situation.

So I will start off with the obvious. Since the coronavirus started, all I ever hear about is Zoom. Now i see myself as a technology lover, I have a valid interest in it. I spent years as a data analyst before venturing into the legal profession. I also started playing with HTML at age 14 by inserting cute cartoon dolls onto my myspace page. However, I had never heard so much about Zoom until we all ended up locked in our homes.

I also recently heard that Zoom is being sued for privacy issues (yikes), however, i'm sure its still a fine tool and I am sure the company will emerge as one of the lifesavers during one of the biggest pandemics to reach American soil is many years.

My point is even in a disaster situation, with small companies in all industries potentially being on the brink of financial ruin, Zoom - the tech enterprise....has been a winner, and will probably emerge a financial winner even during a recession.

How will this knowledge help you? Simple, during a crisis creativity and innovation are typically the precursors to success. There is literally no area that is more creative, and has had more consistent innovation than the technological field. Right now, there are engineers trying to find ways to mass produce PPE's for hospitals (funding provided by the government). There are data analyst, data scientist, reporting analyst, and financial analyst with advanced knowledge of programming languages that are finding creative way to analyze the markets globally and its impact to people's healthcare, investment accounts ect. There are companies desperately scouring for ways to emerge as the next big piece of software that will revolutionize how we work, play and even navigate this ever-changing world that we live it. THERE ARE JOBS FOR CREATIVE & TALENTED TECHNICAL PEOPLE! There are jobs for people who want to be the new Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. By learning a programming language you can take your current income and sometimes double and triple your potential earning power by the time the America economy reopens. By learning multiple languages on your own, you can turn your 50k job into an 100k+, just by becoming passionate about being creative and wanting to create the next big thing, or solve the next big crisis. It won't be easy, but I guarantee you it will be worth it. I also promise that if you passion drives you toward being the next creative giant in the technical may be only 1 code away from financial stability!

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