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Mom & Dad's are IMPORTANT! - Your Kid could be the next Kanye!

Today's is purely for entertainment value, and partially for informational value....but certain things grinds my gears and I cannot keep it contained any longer.


A parent could be raising the next Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, or Whatever that manages to save this planet....but meanwhile, mom or dad is arguing over child support. Support is important, but never at the expense of a child's mental health.

Today, you are arguing over 500 a month, when your child could be the next billionaire if they only felt secure at home and in themselves.

Kanye west is worth 6.6 billion dollars, but what were his parents?

His music describes his parents to a T. His dad was a hustler, his day Ray West is listed as a photojournalist. We all know Donda was a smart woman as well, college professor, and i'm sure it was tough. However, i want to focus on the parent relationship and its impact today.

How many 72 year old black men are "photojournalist", when his dad came up, segregation was still a thing in every form and fashion. MLK, Malcom X, and Emmett Till were present figures in his dad's life, and their deaths were daily news. The remnants of George Stinney, and the fresh funk of slavery trailed him all of his life....but guess matter how messed up we want to paint Kanye....dismissing his success, or his mental health issues...the man is a billionaire. He is a black man, and he did the best he could. He is now worth 6.6 billion dollars and is responsible for raising not just rich little girls, but black girls in the USA. That is a task, and i wish him the best of luck, it will not be easy, regardless of their name, or their finances.

Want to know something else....I bet you didn't think about Ray West. You heard of Donda, but i guess you never thought how they influenced his life. Did you think about their relationship to each other, or how it may have impacted Kanye...probably not and that is the centralized problem.

What if your kid is the next Kanye, but for mom or dad preventing the other parent from seeing baby 1 time? What if the different between your kid getting hooked on drugs, or being the next heart surgeon is 1 additional weekday overnight, or weekend visit?

You think Donda kept Ray out of Kanye's life if a visit meant Kanye having a better moreso solid view of life, and hope for the future as a whole? Neither parent was likely perfect, but how much care towards mental health contributed to this man's success?

You think Ray decided to fight Donda for more parenting time, that he knew he couldn't meet for a temporary relief of 100 bucks a month.

Even if you do think that....Is 100 bucks a month equate to 100k a year your child could make with a solid mindset, do you think that selfishness equating to 100 bucks a month would have resulted in a child determined enough and solid enough in other ways to the point he could be a multi-billionaire?

I have so much to say, but very little time. I guess my position in child custody arrangements is to ALWAYS DO WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD....PERIOD! Both parents matter. Daddy will always be daddy, mom will alway be mommy. However, unless spending time with the other is detrimental (ie. sexual, physical, verbal abuse) in any fashion....allow the child the privilege of having both parents as a consistent presence in their life regardless of your own feelings. Doing anything otherwise, may just be turning the next multi-billionaire, into something so much less.

Be blessed, and love each other....especially the kids.

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