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If you want something different, you have to do something different!

Today's post is about stepping outside of the box of our own mental prisons, and submitting ourselves to something greater!

Of course as always, none of my blogs constitute legal advice, just legal information. If you are pursing a legal issue, please consult an attorney directly, and if you are in Illinois drop a line in my contact box and we will chat.

I'll be frank, the world is a tough place. Its hard to know who is telling the truth a lot of the time. We are fed information (mostly wrong) from the time we are born, until the time we die. We drink the koolaid, and it primarily pays off for the people who are feeding it to us in perfect cups.

However, for the first time in 100 years, many of us are allowed to rest. Many of us are allowed the time to think. Many of us are still being used terribly, many treated horribly. Many of us are just getting by from day to day. One thing remains pretty consistent, at least with me, a lot of us have become jaded. I think it is unfair to talk about all the great things in life without talking about all of the bad things, and to be frank, there are a lot of bad things....which i think can be turned into extremely rare positive opportunities.

I won't even start with Covid, or Jeff Bezos becoming a trillionaire, nor will i discuss Ahmaud Arbery. I won't discuss how essential employees are being exploited by rich people. I won't discuss how people are clinging to their freedom to hate someone in exchange for their livelihood. Nope, not today. I won't even talk about Donald Trump, a man who has suggested researching the results of the ingestion of disinfectant, or the possibility of putting UV rays under someone's skin.

Instead, i want to talk about a happiness that few people get to experience. The experience of truly loving and experiencing another culture. Right now, even in Covid-19, there are beautiful people, in beautiful climates, eating exotic fruits and enjoying their families. These people are poor, but they are dancing in the sun. They have enough. They eat fresh foods. They eat meat that is hormone and pesticide free. They are going to the beach. They are being naturally beautiful. They are enjoying the sun and their loved ones. They don't have to drive and stay in a car to visit those they love, because the ones they love are there, and will be here until their last breath. They couldn't care less about your mercedes benz, or your big house. At the end of the day, your existence, no matter how "well off you are" is still piss poor in relation to their whole lives. They live, they love, and they enjoy life. That is it, its that simple. You cannot buy what they have.

So, why am i saying this? Who are these people? Where is this place? Why do they have more than you really?

Well, in respect of these people and places, I won't say. Somethings need not be ruined by capitalistic minds. However, do you feel a slight jealously knowing that there are people out there that are truly happy and truly free, while you are being fed a capitalistic BS lie?

Well if you are tired of the BS, why don't you think about being smarter than those who are feeding you lies? Instead of accepting what you are being told by a side, party, or group, why don't you expose yourself to information from the opposite direction of your typical thought process. Expose yourself to information that doesn't correlate with your belief system, and investigate the core of your internal system, and the core of the oppositions system. It won't be easy, it will be scary and the information you get will seem scammy. However, I implore you to take a break from everything and your own mental prison, and look at the opposition. Take a hard look at what annoys you, and dig deeper. Try to understand your opponent before trying to attack them. Practice empathy.

What am I writing about? Simply put, I want people to question everything they have been fed. I urge people to question themselves and beliefs. I want people to shed their shame towards the idea of admitting when life has become too much for them! Being a patriot, or good american doesn't mean you try to pay all of your bills sent to you by predatory lenders. Being a good american doesn't mean that you simply submit your life over to the government. However, being a good american doesn't mean you accept things and behaviors that are morally wrong just because it didn't happen to you directly. Being american means we learn to care about our fellow man, social, financial and political issues. Being an american means we are free to research and question ourselves and beliefs....even if it hurts us.

Being an american means that we get the opportunity to make the WORLD a better place. Being an american means we have the ability to individually save the life of someone else. Being an american means we can have compassion for our fellow man without having to sacrifice the way of life we have worked so hard to build.

You are probably wondering what i'm talking about. Some of you are probably angry, jealous, curious, or maybe even confused, some of you may not even care. However, today's post is more about challenging you to challenge yourself so that you can simply have a better life than the one you already know.

With all that being said, what does any of it have to do with legal services? The law and legislative bodies is ultimately what dictates our day to day lives. We have a say in how we wish to live our lives. There are certain things we have to accept. We have to accept that the government is not going to be an entity that will entitle an everyday person to wealth. We have to also accept that slavery, the practice of owning black slaves as people did in 1619 will not occur again. From there, we have to admit that there are many people who are successful, while most americans today make under 100k (over 90%) of ALL americans make less than that.

This is a lot of information to take in, but bare with me.

I believe the next step towards achieving happiness (like other people) is about not just letting go our our biases, but also trying to learn the game which is capitalism, envy and psychological manipulation. After that, we need to decide whether our families, love, and security is more important than our feelings of inadequacy or hatred. Lastly, we need to utilize the resources around us to change our situation. That includes retaining an attorney friend who is caring and compassionate about the law, and more importantly, who is compassionate about your mission and life goals.

You are probably thinking, here we is what she was getting at... and you would be right. If I've said it once, i'll say it again. Having a legal professional on your side at all times, even if its just a middle of the night phone call is something that can greatly improve your mental and financial situation holistically. A lawyer is just a hard working person, no better than anyone else, but a lawyer is someone who was passionate enough to give their lives to a cause before you ever met them. Subsequently, a lawyer who isn't just your lawyer, but who you can consider a friend is someone willing to risk themselves to make sure you get the max return on your investment in them.

.....pick someone who cares about you!

And as always, drop me a line if you are interested in more information.

Thank You!

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