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What to do about back child support problems in Illinois

As always, this blog is for educational purposes only. Please retain counsel for your family law matter as all matters differ by circumstances.

So I have a lot of dad's as client's, and so the obvious question that often comes up is, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT MY CHILD SUPPORT ISSUE?

Some dad's are on time with their payments, but sometimes life happens. Job losses, sickness and other situations can prevent a well intention father from making the payments, although he wants to support his children. Unfortunately, the consequences for failing to make on time child support payments can result in interest on back due amounts, bad credit, attorneys fees, and jail time. Not to mention the social consequences of how a child may view a parent who isn't financially providing for the child.

With that said, you cannot bankrupt child support debt. This type of debt will also show up on your credit report, and frankly this debt can follow you for life if you don't take quick action!. It can effect your ability to buy a car, home or even get a credit card.

So are you in a situation where you are thousands of dollars behind in child support and you just don't know what to do? If so i'd really recommend hiring an attorney. Not only can a good lawyer do a modification as to the current monthly amount you owe in child support and possibly get that amount lowered, an attorney may even be able to help settle/negotiate on a past due child support amount that you can meet and that everyone involved may be satisfied with.

So if you are in over your head back child support, and you really don't see light at the end of the counsel immediately. Also, if you are in Illinois, feel free to reach out to me directly. My phone number is 708-402-8523, and i'd be happy to guide you through the options that are not only helpful, but are also budget friendly.

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