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Business owners & Entrepreneurs! - Importance of financial independence!

Today's post is about financial stability in the age of COVID-19. In the last 4 week, 22 million Americans have lost their jobs, and a lot of small businesses have gone under, and are going under. Even large retailers like the Cheesecake factory, United Airlines, and Nieman Marcus have closed their doors, laid off their employees, and have even told their landlords that they won't be able to make the rent this month.

With that being said, a lot of small businesses that are targeted for the new world we will be living in are going to flourish. A LOT OF THEM WILL FLOURISH. So although we are staring down one of the worst recessions and possibly depressions to hit us since the 30's, I want to be apart of the team of new leaders in the entrepreneurial space to encourage and nurture the new and exciting businesses that are going to pop up. The best part is....I DON'T WANT ANY MONEY. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO THE OWNERS OF THESE BUSINESSES ARE! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE OFFERING AS FAR AS YOUR SERVICES. I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOUR SERVICES ARE NEEDED. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM YOUR COMPETITION. I ALSO WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU ARE MARKETING YOUR SERVICES. WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. HOW ARE YOU GETTING THE WORD OUT.

As a new business owner myself, and as an attorney who has helped people navigate their registrations, and evaluate what business structures would work best for them, I believe it is important for people to think about how they will survive in a strictly gig economic society. I believe the time is coming soon where we will all just have to find our strength and security within ourselves, and finally begin believing in our own power and our ability to offer value to this world directly. In the spirit of that, I hope this post inspires you to think about your own special talents and what you can offer. I also hope this post pushes you to do some research and find out how to monetize your gifts.

However, if you aren't sure where to get started with the above asks....I hope you will reach out to me, and I would love to help you bring out and nurture your gifts and god given purpose.

Have a great day everyone!

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