What You Should Look For When Selecting The Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Chicago For Your Matter.

  • Does your attorney have time for you?

    • The #1 complaint of most clients is that their attorney frequently fails to return their emails and phone calls. If your attorney doesn't have time for a 3 minute phone call, how much time could they have to spend on your case?​

  • Can your attorney relate to you and your issues? 

    • Are you a member of an underrepresented minority or community? ( Multicultural, African American, Asian, LGBTQ, Hispanic/Latino, Woman/Female, Foreign/Immigrant) .  Having an attorney that understands your unique struggle, or who can relate to the special issues you face is crucial. You deserve an attorney who isn't going to prejudge you or your legal situation.

    • Are you just another name, dollar sign, case number​? Does your attorney show they are about not just you, but are passionate about your case, if not, how can you expect them to work in your best interest?

When choosing A Cross Law Firm PLLC, you a choosing a firm that is as diverse and unique as your individual case. We understand your concerns and fears on a deeper level. We pride ourselves on being representative of the clients we serve. We care not only about your case, but we also care about your and your story. Our ability to relate to our clients allow us to be second to none when it comes to providing kind and caring support to our clients, while at the same time giving us the ability to fiercely and passionately serve our clients in court!

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